TOP: Nasty Gal | SKIRT: Nasty Gal | HEELS: Oak & Fort

Great News for this week’s post! Drumroll, please! All the merchandise are ON SALE!!!

I’m pretty picky about choosing shoes. I like shoes that I will use often, great style, and of course are comfortable for wear. New shoes might hurt your foot for sure, but when you get to wear them often, everything will get less hurt.

I’ve been looking for block heels for a couple months, but never really get a chance to try it in person. Until I went to Oak & Fort to visit my old co-worker, she told me to give it a try. The very first time I stick my feet inside that heels, I fell in love! Without thinking, I purchase the heels!

Nasty Gal has been one of my to-go party/formal sites to purchase. Way before Christmas, I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to family Christmas party. Going to their website for a couple hours and finally found THE ONE. With a perfect price, without thinking, I purchased them!