Moving into my own place gave me mixed feelings. I’m very blessed and excited, but in the same time, it has been tough. The moving started the same time with the summer class. Each and every day I plan a to do lists so that I have less stuff to do.

In between moving into the new place, I received an interesting package from a marketing agency that has been working with a brand called RUNA. So basically they are looking to connect to an influencer that cares about health, community and their well-being.

To know more about their product click here! Check out their products. They sent me bottled of teas and energy drinks. I don’t usually like energy drinks because it gave me weird sensation for my stomach. But when I tested out their energy drink, nothing funky or bad happened to my stomach and plus it tastes good!

As you all know that they gave me free products to try. When I do like the products, I will, of course, share it with my readers. This is why, I’m very happy and excited to share this.