MAJE (2016 style, not on their website) | ASOS | Madewell 

As time goes by, I thought we’re in Spring already. The weather isn’t predictable; some days it’s hot, cold and then raining. Since I took this photo during a lovely sunny day, I wanted to show you how I like having a chill, casual day with my pink salmon pants (that’s what I called it).

The salmon pants aren’t that thick, which is good because you can wear them during hot weather or even cold. The bright pink colour is great for every season. So keep them in your everyday wardrobe.

Not sure if I ever share my work experience on my blog, but in 2015-2016, I worked for a brand called Sandro and MAJE (I work for both of those two sister company). As I work there, I gain my interests in their brand. The top that I wore is by MAJE. It was around 2016’s style, but I still love them, so that’s why I mixed and matched the top with my new pants. Aren’t they look good together? What do you think?